Sorry to bother you... But sometime ago you asked on Rennlist about the PartsAmerica 74671 heater valve.
Have you been successful in installing one of these (compatibility?) in your 928 or did you find another alternative for the crappy plastic valve Porsche installed?
'88 928s4 cherry red


Hi Theo,

Still going 180mph? I haven't gotten around to buying/installing the metal heater valve, but I believe Bora Akyol just recently installed it and said that it fits well enough. Btw, there are two kinds of the metal valve (both have the same part number):



The first one looks almost identical to the Porsche one. The second one is all metal and may be more durable. I would ask Bora which one he installed (I think I remember him saying he bought it at NAPA).

'86 928S 5-spd w/LSD


Heating valve defect. Mercedes Nr: A0008305784 at one third of the Porsche Center price.
Daimler: 190er model

Heating valve MB: A0008305784 for ca 16 Euro. PC: 64 Euro, also 48 Euro for the card box.... but with the Porsche logo !