I have three dead actuators - heater, defroster, and center comb flap.

I can't believe the price of the replacements!!!

Has anyone used these?

This company sells the rubber bladders separately for $5. I'll bet it's better rubber too.... Says it's "ozone resistant."

Made for Mercedes but these things have gotta be all the same.


John Pirtle
87 a/t 196k


Hi John,

Diameter and throw come into play. And the engineer below said the most durable 'phragms are rubber coated fabric. I ran across his company after reading this thread http://forums.rennlist.com/rennforums/showthread.php?t=271923
"The Search for the Perfect Condom (vacuum actuator diaphragms)"
And I sent pix of the actuator and diaphragm from here:

He actually called me and we talked for ~15 minutes. He was knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Much more knowledgeable than I - not hard as my knowledge is purely from reading and PIX (i.e., I don't nuffin 'bout no fixin' no actuators). He _guessed_ it might be a Honeywell 240013 diaphragm.

If he had one in hand, he said, they could find it or dupe it. The latter being the expensive way, until the volume ramps up.

So, John, do you have one or more in hand? If you have more than one out, are they all the same?



some more picture sthat me turn out to be helpful: