Where is Low press valve on GTS A/C ?


I have looked all over. My GTS goes not have the low press valve on the hose under radiator hose. I took off belly pans and felt, traced the low press line from the firewall to the compressor. FWIW, PET doesn't show a valve in the usu position. The only valve is the high pressure on the dryer. Anybody w/GTS info??

I had the same problem when I first looked for it. The factory manuals are of no help either.

It is located under the plastic cover at the top of the engine bay nearest the windshield center left.

High pressure port is on the dryer in front of the radiator, low pressure port is under the cowl near the wiper motor for a GTS with 134a. High & low pressure fitting are not interchangeable



I have a 1992 GTS, and the low pressure port is located below the water hoses at the passenger side fender.  Just above the link where the rubber hose is linked to the metal line. It is the one with the blue cap. The high pressure port is at the dryer, just on front of the radiator and has a red cap.





from Ed Scherer: