At 01:27 AM 1/5/2005, Dan Brindle wrote:
How do you activate the recirculation flap? On my other cars I have a  choice between breathing air off the road or re-circulating air from  inside the car. When on the freeway - especially when in heavy traffic I always switch to re-circulation mode. Is there a way to select recirculation mode on the 928. I do not see anything in the manual or on the controls. Am I missing something?

On most of the 928 automatic HVAC systems, the re-circulate function is engaged when the temp lever is on the minimum setting. In addition, the auto temp control will engage re-circulate for maximum cooling - that is, when there is a large differential between the temp setting and the measured interior temp. See page 87-107 in the manuals.

You can usually tell from the sound whether the air is fresh or re-circulated if the fan speed is high enough.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists