At 08:44 PM 4/6/00 -0400, Scott Mohr wrote:
>Off the top of their head, does anyone know the resistance values of the outside ac sensor??

You can check the full string (outside, inside, temp slide) by hooking to terminals 4 and 12 on the setting motor on the driver's side of the under-dash system. Should have about 3.7 k ohms w/temp slide at cold end, about 4.7 k w/temp slide on hot end.

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No sensor= hot output unless temp set to 65 degrees
Sensor wires shorted=cold output unless temp set to 85 degrees
Good sensor (Used about $80)= variable vent output which is very comfortable

Outside Sensor Specs:

993 ohms at 0C (32F)
588ohms at 20C (68F)
457ohms at 30C (86F)

However this suggests you still have an open circuit somewhere else...

Test the whole sensor loop: (includes temp control potentiometer)

Between Plug to HVAC Motor Console LHS (HVAC) Plug Pin 4 (YE)*
And Plug to HVAC Motor Console LHS (HVAC) Plug Pin 12 (YE)*

You should see a 1000 ohms variation between 18C - 30C HVAC setting (65F - 86F).