Bora Akyol wrote:
OK, (89 928 S4)
In my previous email, I mentioned that I checked the sight glass and it did not show any bubbles.
Well, I went downstairs, unscrewed the cap that covers a valve that I presume is the refill point. I pressed down on the valve and the pressure I felt was meek at best (kind of like an already flat tire being deflated).
If the system is completely depleted of Freon, will there be bubbles in the sight  glass or nothing at all.
What is the proper way to check this thing anyway.


Bora, when you press on that valve about 5 to 10 seconds, you have emptied the system completely. This is not the way to check system pressure. R-12 refrigerant is VERY expensive now; this is on purpose to encourage everyone to change over to R-134 which costs about 1/4.
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