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>my A/C is blowing warm only 6 months after it being recharged.  Everything seems to be working ok, but i think the freon may have escaped.  does someone know of a kit with all the seals that are needed?  or any other suggestions as to what might be the problem?  thanks to all.

I would suggest doing some testing before any action.

1) With the engine running, A/C on, look at the compressor and see if the center of the compressor clutch is turning.
2) If it is turning, feel of the A/C return line at the firewall and see if it is cold. If it is, the refrigerant system is OK.
3) If it is not turning, kneel down and look in thru the grille at the receiver/dryer (round can between the bumper and the radiator), and find the electrical switch on the side of the can.
4) Pull the harness off, and jumper between the connectors on the harness.
5) If the compressor clutch is now turning, the freon is probably low.
6) If the clutch still isn't turning, you probably have an electrical problem in the compressor circuit. Could be the relay in the control head, the anti-freeze switch, the wire, or the clutch.

Wally Plumley
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