'88 should still have the Nippondenso 6E171 compressor. If that's the case, you need to get a rebuild kit for the 6E171. The rebuild kit should contain two head gaskets (paper or metal), three body o-rings and a shaft seal. Unfortunately, some kits only have head gaskets and a shaft seal, others have that and only one o-ring, while others have all the required stuff but some/all of the o-rings may not be the correct size. Here you can see an exploded diagram of the 6E171 compressor and specifications of the parts you will need:


Then you should contact someone from ac kits on the phone, and make sure to order exactly what you need. Typically #12 #13 and #14 are considered the shaft seal kit. Then you need the front and rear o-rings (they are both the same, -110MN) and the larger case o-ring (-118M or -120NM, not sure which one is right). When I did mine, I did not change the center o-ring because I got one that was too large, but my compressor is still holding fine with R134A after 3 years. The center o-ring is also the most difficult to replace because you basically have to disassemble the entire compressor (split it in two) in order to replace it.

'86 928S 5-spd w/LSD



Thanks for the link. It looks like they have a lot of the parts I will need for the four or five 928s that now have no air. I have been looking for the Blue gas leak detector solution for a while. We had some great stuff when I was working on Helium compressors back in college, but I have not been able to find anything like it since. Soapy water or the solutions they sell in hardware stores just does not get the reaction needed to find small leaks.

I did not see any listing for Schrader (sp?) valves. It seems these are often the cause of A/C leaks. Do you have a source on them?

Have you used Nylock? They are selling a red and blue but no description of which one is used where?

They also offer bulk barrier hose. It is a lot cheaper than buying hoses already fitted. Do you have a source on a crimping tool?

Thanks much.

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