Electrical seat control

Electrical seat rocker switch repair

Electrical seat mechanism

Electrical seat heating

Electrical power seat and memory fix

Seat power control system troubleshooting

Seats heating system operation memory vs no memory

Repairing 928s4 power seat switches

Seat backrest gears

Seat gears movement, sloppy gears fix

Seat back swap

Seat movement blocked

Seat rest adjustment gears

Seat forward for easy access to back seat

Seat height adjustment motor

Leather treatment

Leather cleaners and conditioners test

Rear seat stuck

Front seat dimensions

Under the seat

Seat leather repair companies (EU)

Seat leather individual parts

Rear seat belt: store the unused buckle

Rear seat removal tips

Child seats

Seat rail bolts

Alarm Vent Switch (next to the seat)


Airbags (see also steering)

Airbag removal

Fix error air bag system fault 3129/3229

Airbag contact ring

964 (928) Airbag Steering wheel removal

Airbag Components



Removing the dashboard

Removing Center console switches

Pictures of the dashboard of a S4



Rear view mirror and rear view camera in mirror




Home made luggage cover

Spare tire cover

Standard tool is in the boot

Carpet in the boot



Radar Detectors

Water leak into Interior

Gas pedal blocked ?

3rd brake light

Alarm Vent Switch

Center console switch overlay decal



Speaker wiring

Speaker wiring and crossover filter

Speaker replacements

Speaker repair

Speaker (bass) replace foam surround

Speaker (bass) replacement

Speaker Grills

Speakers doors

Speakers doors T22 and T6 connection

Speakers rear (boot)

Save the speaker grill ring

Becker Radio connectors and wiring

Becker Radio Navigation Indianapolis mod II

Becker Radio MP3 or iPhone connect

Becker Nav Radio new GPS antenna

Tacho speed signal for a GPS radio

Radio Tacho signal

Nav Radio connecting (Becker Highspeed)

Antenna amplifier

Bass speaker 2ohms JBL option

Radio Amplifier (Power Amp, Booster)

Speaker Frequency crossover filter

Interference & Transient suppressor




Door light switch fix

Door light switch fix with cable routing picture

Door panel removal instructions in a PDF

Door panel removal instructions

Door panel removal

Door catch

Door locking troubleshooting

Door armrest fix

Door lock sensor

Door lock Sensor in later 928 models


Interior Panels and Trim

Rear interior quarter panel removal

Rear Quarter Panel Repair FINISHED PICs

Removing the A-Pillar trim / liner

Straightening rear quarter panels

Removing A-pillar trim

Repairing center console tabs



Headliner upholstery

Leather options explained

Leather Cleaners - Conditioners test


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