comparing test of 16 "popular" leather cleaners and conditioners



Leather cleaners
We test 16 leather cleaners to see which can give some extra pizzazz to your trim
By James Baggott November 2005

When it comes to looking after your car's leather interior, there's no place to hide. Leave your trim to dry, crack and fade, and you will slash hundreds off the resale value of your car.

Special cleaners not only shift the grime from leather, but they also replenish the natural oils that keep the hide soft and supple. Starve the material of the vital nutrients contained in these cleaners for too long, and it may be too late to rescue your interior.

But which one is the ideal candidate to refresh and revive your cabin trim? We put 16 cleaning products to the test on a neglected leather interior to find out.

Verdict: Don't pay much attention to product names, as some cleaners left a better finish than the conditioners. The top three all removed grime, so ease of use and value came to the fore. Mer gives you more for your money, with Meguiar's Aloe Cleaner coming home in second.