A-pillar liner removal is not so hard. Even though it seems stuck sometimes.

  1. Remove the weather striping between frame and liner at the door side
  2. Remove one screw in the corner of the head liner
  3. Remove the mirror (3 screws)
  4. Gently pry the liner towards you. It helps to push it sideways to the inner of the car
  5. Maneuver the liner out, but be very careful not to scratch the dashboard top.





oh yeah - the A-pillar trim. One screw up top on the headliner. Slip out the fuzzy filler on the outer edge. OK, now what? I pushed toward the center and gently pried and got an area near the top corner to pop loose but the top and bottom ends are pretty firmly held. This is supposed to be the easy part!
So with a little more time and determination I got the A-pillar trim off. A block of rubber was glued connecting the very top of the trim to the front of the headliner. After I eased that apart, they lifted right out.

Gary - I've done it with mixed success, when I replaced my cracked vinyl with leather. To remove the old is easy - just remove the sun visor screws on the roof cover, and the screw above the door on the trim piece. After the screws are out, you just pull the A-pillar trim out towards you, lifting up at the same time. Be careful not to scratch the dash. It is held into place by two spring steel clamps. The trick is getting the clamps onto the new part in the correct orientation. Thus, look carefully at how they came off. I didn't, and one of my trim pieces is slightly out of alignment. Not a hard or long job, just a little tricky.

Take out the screw holding up the headliner closest to the A pillar.
Take out the screws holding the sun visor pivot.
Take off the weather strip between the A pillar trim and A Pillar.
Carefully pull the headliner down just an inch or two to dislodge the adhesive.
Grasp the A pillar cover and pull it straight off toward the inside of the car.
There's clips that hold the A Pillar cover to the A pillar and they should come off with the cover.

If the A pillar won't come off, wrap a long screwdriver with a rag, insert it between the A pillar and cover till it rests on the inside of the cover. The rag should be wrapped over the tip and shaft to dull the tip and protect surrounding area from scratches. Smack it with the palm of your hand and it should dislodge the clips.

Rob Budd