Yes Virginia, there IS a 2-Ohm speaker to fit the 928


After reading Joe Taylor's reply post to JCP1990S4's thread about the everpresent problem with the 2-ohm rear speakers, I decided to tackle the job myself and restore my stereo's dignity. After all, at 18 years running the old lady deserved a refresh.

I consulted Best Buy's website for the Pioneer 4-ohm units that Joe recommended. I knew that a 4-ohm speaker probably wouldn't sound as good as the original 2-ohm units but my choices were either to re-cone the originals or to go with new. I also wanted to keep the factory stock Porsche CD-2 head unit and matching amp with no visible signs of speaker enhancement or modifications (ex buldging speaker grilleslogos, cumbersome boxes, bazookas, etc...).

As I scanned Best Buy's website, I came across the JBL Grand Touring series GT0-628 6.5'' 2-way speakers. I clicked on the specifications tab to verify if the mounting depth would be an issue and lo & behold, I saw the 2-ohm impedance rating!! (Wally P, I told you that I'd find them one day!!)

I picked them up on Saturday and using my Dremel with both the cut-off wheel as well as the large milling attachments, they fit perfectly into the stock housings and grilles! Here's Best Buy's website showing the GTO-628 http://www.bestbuy.ca 

The install was a success although as one member had mentioned that over 75% of the old speaker housing must be whittled away using the Dremel in order to fit the new speakers within. Much patience is required while doing this procedure as it's very easy to remove too much of the old housing material and be stuck with a system that doesn't work. Here are some pictures that I snapped along the way. Sorry for the lo-res as they were taken with my cell phone.

Pictures show the process of fitting them from the rear, and the final look of the speaker housing basket after the milling job