I need to change the driver side door pin switch. Has anyone changed this part? I figured it would be easy to get to but NOOOOO! I can't seem to figure out how to get to it. I pulled the wheel well panel but can't see it in their either. Anyone have any advice? Thanks, Jason
You mean the door contact switch? It unscrews from the outside. Try not to turn the pin itself or turn it back every couple of turns - the hot wire is attached to the pin - that way the wire doesn't break off. The wire is clamped tight between the folded metal end of the switch - need to pry it open with a small screwdriver and resoldered.
Btw instead of changing it you can clean it with fine sanding paper.
1989 S4
Thanks for the response guys. The problem I have with mine is the center was gone hence no wire connected. If it was all there it would be a 5min job. I now have to access the wire some how. Any suggestions?
I did this to mine a couple of months back, chances are that the wire is still in there. Alan is right it is a real PITA, but possible to snag wire with very small wire formed onto a hook. I also found it is handy to have a pair of needle nose pliers around to grab the wire end once you get it up to the hole. Took about ten minutes of cursing on the drivers side and even longer on pass side due to angle. Mike

The access hole where the wire enters into the fender-well is hidden behind the carpet, directly above the hood release lever surround. Yup, it's a bit of pain to get to.

If you don't have enough slack in that wire you could solder on a length of new wire. Use the same gauge.

To fish the switch wire back through the fender-well I used some heavy, braided picture hanging wire. Firm enough to hold its shape, but flexible enough to bend and angle to get it snaked though both openings. Door frame hole first then through the fender-well and out the interior hole. Tape the switch wire to the end of the braided wire and pull it back through the fender-well.

The new switch gets crimped on. Then thread the switch into the door frame and it's time for beer!

Oh by the way, I always disconnect the battery whenever I'm fiddling with anything like this. I figure that I'm tempting Murphy enough as it is by just owning a 928