sorry to bother you with a mundane question like this but I am reluctant to learn the hard way. How do you remove the tweeter grill in the door panel ?
The larger one is a "screw-on" type but the tweeter, while very hard to turn, does not come off. Tried prying it off with reasonable amount of force but it didn't budge. Afraid I will break the locking tabs if I go beyond "reasonable amount of force". What's the trick ? Is it a snap-on or screw on grill ?

While fixing broken wires coming into the door I noticed the tweeter is installed at an angle but pointing wrong way. It is pointing into the dash rather at the driver. I would like to rotate it so it fires at me rather than the dash. Thanks


its is screw on, and it turns off anti-clockwise. It can be stuck, and be careful: it can be brittle and will break easily.


on my '87 and '88 they were screw on. on my '89, '90 and '91 they are all snap on.

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