Speaker wiring

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>: 1) Does anyone know the color/wiring scheme for the speaker configuration? I'm interested in knowing how it was wired for polarity and which wires run to which rear speaker sets

LF  DOOR             +BL  -BR/BK
LF DOOR HI         +GN  -BR
L WOOFER          +VI  -BR/BK
L REAR MID       +VI   -BR
L REAR HI           +GN -BR

RF DOOR              +BL/WT  -BR/WT
RF DOOR MID     +YE         -BR
RF DOOR HI         +GN        -BR
R WOOFER          +VI/WH  -BR/VI
R REAR MID         +VI           -BR
R REAR HI              +GN        -BR/WT

The silver box under the cover with the amp is the coolant fan control box.

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I just did a stereo install and bypassed the factory amp and received help from the listers.  I have the 10 speaker setup.  The following is what gets put into the amp.  Also, there should be 2 "harnesses" that come out at the amp.  The one with the most wires is for the rear speakers and the other is for the front.

Speaker wiring:

Left front + BL
Lef front - BR/BK

Right front + BL/WT
Right front - BR/WT

Left woofer +  VI
Left woofer  - BR/BK

Left + GN
Left - BR

Right woofer + VI/WT
Right woofer - BR/VI

Right + GN/WT
Right - BR/WT

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