Leather treatment

I used two Leatherique products.  Rejuvenator Oil and Prestine Clean.  Both are all natural and PH balanced for the leather.  The Rejuvenator Oil gets down to the core of the leather fibers and loosens and lifts salts, dirt and oils trapped in the leather to the surface and softens and conditions it at the same time.  The prestine clean clears the pores of the dirt that the oil loosens and keeps the proper PH balance.  90% of all the leather in the car was brought back to a condition where 100% restoration is possible.

The front seat backs and rear seats (with the exception of the  narrow strip at the very top) look almost brand new.  Most of the really firm areas in the seats were made soft again (I'm planning to follow up with Surflex Leather softener).  The door panels and interior quarters look fantastic.  There is some fading as the car spent 16 years in the Georgia sun and the PO obviously didn't care of the leather well. I'm going to replace the front seat panels, rear seat outer perimiter panels and glove box then re-dye everything to match. I am amazed at the restorative properties.  Go to WWW.Leatherique.com or call (904) 272-0992.  Going through Leatherique is the only way to get the product. 

There is also a discount for many car club members (PCA, BMWCCA, Jaguar, Rolls Royce, Ferrari etc.).  They give you the prestine clean free with the same size purchase of the rejuvinator oil.  I bought the 32oz bottle for $40.00 with 32oz of prestine clean free.  I have about half of it left and will do another treatment when the weather gets warmer.  Its best done in a warm climate.

John Eifert
83S Platinum/Burgundy (US AT)

I used the Leatheriqe products like John (as well as then using their dye), and am now following up with Surflex Leather Softener. Results have been excellent. For softening hard leather the Surflex is definitely the way to go (the Leatherique stuff is nice, but my leather was somewhere between cardboard and concrete in terms of hardness, which was a bit too much for it to soften).

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The 2 companies listed below both sell good products for this purpose.

1. Care Care On-Line  [Larry Reynolds] URL: www.carcareonline.com
Voice: 1 [201] 796-8300 Email:  sales@carcareonline.com

2. Color-Plus Leather Dye/Restoration [Joanne Price] URL: www.colorplus.com Voice: [570]-686-3158, Fax:: [570]-686-4161 106 Harrier Court 3767 Sunrise Lake Milford, PA 18337-9315


Liquidleather seems to be THE stuff to use.


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