Power seat operations
From my 1981 owner's manual...."To permit easy access to the rear, the seat will slide forward automatically when the backrest is folded down (with ignition on or off)."
This works as described on the driver's seat but not on the passenger seat. Unless this feature was never even enabled on the passenger seat, I'd like to get it working.

As always, thanks in advance for your thoughts and advice!



Works the other way on my '81. Passenger will go forward, driver does not.



My 81 used to do that until I swapped the seat bottom and it no longer does.

There is a small rail welded on that activates a micro switch that will then go open circuit when it moves fully forward.

Hence why the system wont return to the last position it was in on its own.

It's simple, but it works!
Blake G.


I removed the seat to get a better look. The inboard seatback hinge has a limit switch, which closes with the seatback released and forward, this moves the seat forward. Look like it was broken in the during reupholstery. I've superglued as a temporary fix. All is good for now. The pic shows the switch just inside of the hinge, plastic piece attached to seatback, seatback is forward as shown. Thanks to rcrone928 and joejoe for weighing in. I did end up having to disconnect the battery to remove the seat. Thanks, Tom