Radar Detectors

I think you will find they are four hundred where ever you go.  BTW a while back someone posted info on turning off the Xband channel, I did it and boy do I love the thing now.  The only problem I ever had with the detector was instantly knowing what band the detected signal was in.  The quasi different beeps and burps were not quite contrasted for my taste.  Well in New England I dont beleive they have Xband radars operating any more (maybe in small towns).  So now when the detector goes off (which is very infrequently) there is a real good chance its a cop.  You can also operate it in the no filter mode (or report everything mode) and not become annoyed, even in large cities.  Someone else mentioned their displeasure with the V1 going off due to other radar detectors in the area, this is due to cheap detectors not shielding or performing adequate EMI tests on their units, as well as the superior sensitivity of the V1.  I remember pulling up behind a buddy with a Passport and my detector went haywire.  If only EVERYBODY owned a V1.

al w 79 928, 86 911 on my second V1

> I'm about to embark on a road trip of nearly 1000 miles and am going to use this as a reason to purchase what I've understood to be the best radar detector around, the Valentine One, to protect me on the way!
> Does anyone know if the price varies from place to place, or is it just best to purchase it direct?  I need to get the order in today so that it's in my grasp no later than this Saturday...
> As always, comments & help is appreciated!
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>I (and some friends) have been using the Valentine One(R)
>Radar Locator with Laser warning. It is by far the best device radar\laser detector I have ever used... and have remained ticked free for quite some time.
>The only problem is the cost... $399.

I couldn't disagree more.  I bought a V1 for my trip to/from Minneapolis during the week of Jan 31st.  Even in "Full Logic" mode, I found the V1 to have 10 times the false alarms that my other radar detector (and now *only* detector...) had, which is a Passport 5000.  The 5000 is the one with the green backlit LCD screen, I don't believe they sell it anymore.

I found myself ignoring the V1's warnings, which 97 out of 100 times were stray signals, other radar detectors, or microwave communications towers.  Yuk.

The Passport seems to have better logic to screen out false alarms, as evidenced by the (silent) "Rejecting False Signal" warning on the display.

I returned the V1, and got my money back.  I'm now thinking about getting a new Passport 7500, which is about 1/2 the cost of a V1.

YMMV, just thought I'd toss in my $0.02.