Fitting a new GPS antenna for the Becker Nav radio


My GPS antenna had a problem. It seems oscillate at times, causing a failure of GPS reception for itself and any (!) other GPS device in the area. Nice. I discovered the problem maker during my vacation in Norway when it turned out that GPS reception was restored when I shut down the 928. Interesting.... puzzled...

I had to purchase new GPS antenna. Putting it in goes like this:

  1. remove center console covers on both sides.
  2. remove carpet and relay place at the passenger side footwell
  3. remove cover for the ecu's
  4. remove trim at the A-pillar (gently pry) (there is a page on this in the interior page on my site) 
  5. remove the plastic liner where the door closes on to
  6. The thin GPS wire goes from the front of the windshield beneath the A-arm liner, along the A-arm down, and slips  under the dash just above the door catch. Then it dives under the dash and is attached with some tie wraps to the cables and tubes down there.
  7. Last bit is the transition from the passenger side to the driver side where it clicks into the wiclick connection of the Becker Radio.


1992 Porsche 928 GTS midnight blue