Hi Dan,
BOTH seats have twelve way power AND full memory (didn't I mention that?), so I'm still optimistic about swapping them. Does anyone know where I can find a procedure...?


The swap should be straight forward then.

The seat backs are held in place by two bolts on each side of the seat.
After removing the plastic side plates the bolts will be obvious.

However, there is a trick. The motion of the seats is controlled by a couple of square pins. The square pins are hidden and a little obscure until you have done this once. The pins go through the pivot holes. There is a clip that appears to hold the pivot in place but removing the cir clip will not accomplish anything.

The pins are held in place by a special cap bolt with a 3 mm hex slot. The bolt holds a rubber o-ring in place that in turn keeps the pin in place.
Removing the 3 mm hex bolt takes tension off the pin and allows it to slide either in or slide out. A pair of needle nose pliers can be uses to force the pin to slide out.

Once both pins are removed the back slides off the bottom with the wiring harness.

Installation is the reverse sliding the pins in from the outside and tightening the hex bolt to hold them in place.

A word of caution here. The last set I took apart had been forced and the pins were twisted. They would neither push in or slide out. I found I had to use a screw driver to pry the seat bottom away from the back and slide it out of place.

Dan the Pod Guy
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