Instrument Pod and Dash


Dash Removal

Remove lower dash knee pad (GTS)

Dash temp sensor  grill repair

Noisy fan

Removing center console with pass. side airbag

Removing center console with pass.side airbag  

Cracked dash overlay (repair)

Pod removal tips

Pod removal procedure


Instrument cluster

Digi Instrument cluster Info

Digi Instrument cluster Programming K26 1991

Digi dash stopped working

Init Codes on Digital POD

Instrument cluster faulty

Language setting

Instrument eigendiagnose

Instruments  removal in 15 min (GTS)

Time Saving Instrument Cluster Removal

How instrument cluster knows fuel consumption

Digital Instrument Cluster

Digital Instrument Cluster front assembly pictures

Old style Instrument cluster

Old style instrument cluster electronics

Replacement kit for o/s cluster foil

Instrument cluster 1985-1988

Instrument failure and electrical problems

Instruments light dimming series resistor 1989-1994

Instrument cluster pcb connections and pinning



Odo/Speedo meter

Speedometer Dismantle

The Odo Gear

Cracking the Odo gear: the myth

Replacing the Odo Gear instructions

Odometer Gear Replacement

Speedo accuracy

Removing the tacho needle

Speedo signal pickup

ODO meter problems

Tacho impuls sender

Tacho indicates too high

No speed pulse for the tacho

Tacho signal blocks engine start

Reparing the Odo gear

Speed dial immediately shows 120 km/h

Speed sensor wiring in spare wheel area


Voltage meter

Voltmeter acting crazy

Voltmeter accuracy and adjustment



Analog clock replacing a digital clock

Digital LCD clock and replacement options

Replacing the Clock



Oil pressure always pegged high



Dim POD lights

Replacing Bulbs in the instrument POD

Replacing Bulbs step by step procedure

Rheostat repair (dash pod lights dimmer)

AC / temp console light

Fixing the PRND32 indicator

PRND32 light test and repair

LED Conversion


Fuel meter

Fuel level indicator only 3/4 full

Fuel Gauge / Tank Sender fix

Removing the Fuel Sender

Repairing Gas Gauge (fuel tank)

Fuel tank calibration for digital dash

Tankanzeige kalibrieren



Temp gauge acting crazy

Temp alarm trouble shooting



Central Warning light

Central Warning light

Defogger switch, how it works

928 Dash diagnostics / Eigendiagnose


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