The other morning, I turned the defog unit ON and drove to work. When trying to turn it back to the OFF position, it did not. I pushed, pulled, twisted left and right... no luck. Would you recommend trying to find a sticky relay or is it the dash switch?

Francois Rinfret

85 s AT
The defog has two settings (high and higher). You engage one of them by turning the switch to the right, and the other by pushing the switch in. You can turn off the first by turning the switch back to the center, while the other only turns off automatically after a certain amount of time. All of this is from memory, so perhaps someone can correct me.

It sounds like yours is working properly -- you had both defoggers on and can't turn it off because the time hasn't passed. You probably can turn it off by shutting down the car, but I believe sometimes the defogger relay goes bad so that the defogger never turns off -- quickly draining the battery when the car is not running. If you cannot be certain that it is off, you might pull the fuse or relay for the defogger (I don't remember which ones they are).

Hope this helps,
IIRC turning the engine off/ ign off/ key out, and then restarting the engine will remove the power from the stuck relay and "unstick" it. If this doesn't work disconnect the battery at the eath point behind the rear tool tray.


JOn in OZ