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Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 5:51 PM
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Subject: [928] Clock wiring

After a year on backorder my '90 analog clock arrived. Woohoo!

Now, does anybody on this list know how to wire it to an '86? I've blown a fuse on my first attempt:(.

There are 3 male connectors pins on the clock. Two of them are grouped together.
Looks like this:



Anybody BTDT?



Dear Kevin,

I JUST completed installing my GTS clock in my '88 S4. I like it very much.

I couldn't find ANYONE, including parts guys at the Porsche dealer who was helpful in finding the right plastic insert "connector" with the female electrical connectors for these clocks. Here's how I resolved the problem:

Go to an Audi dealer, take the clock, and tell them you want the female wire connectors that slip over these pins. They come as a yellow wire, about 12 inches long with a female connector on both ends. Buy two of the wires.

Cut the wires wherever, and solder on a male spade connector that is appropriate for the female connections on the wiring harness in the car. My '88 had two medium and one (ground) small female receptors. I cut the yellow wires ~1/2 inch from the connector, stripped off the yellow sheathing, and soldered on the correct wire (brown for ground, red for 12 V + to the clock, and black/blue for the variable intensity light bulb). Put the correct male connector on the other end. I put some heat shrink tubing over the soldered area AND the full length of the female connectors, so they couldn't make contact with each other. Slipped the female connectors on, inserted the male portion on the other end of the wires into the female receptors on the wiring harness and "Wunderbar" the clock works beautifully.

That all sounds simple, but it took me 2 months to find the solution!!!!

Good Luck,

Gary Knox


Our catalog shows the order but it is as follows;

12v from lights
12v constant