I finally found the time (and courage) to replace the analog clock, which had failed, in the GT. Following is my procedure, for anyone who is interested.

1) remove the carpeted console side panel on the passenger's side. There are 4 phillips head screws, two on the side of
the console in the carpeted panel (below the switches, and at the bottom of the panel at the plane of the central
locking switch), one accessible by opening the glove box (all three of these point toward the console) and the
fourth pointed strait up into the dash above the passenger foot well. This allows better access behind the center
console instruments.

2) Remove the stereo head unit.

3) Remove and disconnect the ashtray.

4) Remove the rear A/C knobs. These just pop off. Use a flat blade screwdriver to remove the circular nuts from the A/C control shafts.

5) Remove the center vent gently with a putty knife between the vent frame and dash, from above.

6) Remove the trim piece from around the climate control and central lock panels. NOTE: I am not sure that steps 5 and 6 are absolutely necessary, but I did them to be sure that everything was free.

7) As my car is a five speed, I also lifted the trim frame around the shift lever to be sure that the trim piece around
the clock/AC/shift assembly was free.

8) The clock assembly is sandwiched between the console frame and the above mentioned trim piece. This trim piece can now be gently pulled toward the rear of the car and up toward the ceiling, and removed. Note that the rear of this piece (at the switches) need to be pulled toward the front of the car, hence the motion is somewhat rotational with a pulling and lifting motion at the clock, rotating around animaginary line running from door to door.

9) Remove the old clock toward the interior of the car and unplug the wiring harness from the back of the old clock.
Replace it with the new clock.

10)Reverse the procedure to reassemble the console.

Jerry Magolan
1991 928GT (Black/Cashmere)