For some reason the plastic on the leather console holds up better than on the vinyl ones - go figure.

I have done this one and it is as it looks on the surface. The problem is the fit is very tight. Either the consoles shrunk after the sensor was installed or they had some muscle men in from Austria to install them.

As you have probably noticed there is a motor and a hose attached to the plastic piece going through the console. The motor is what circulates air by the sensor so the climate control can make changes. (good luck)

After the motor is removes, the plastic piece has a white plastic retaining ring and a couple of wires running under gaps in the ring. The ring can be removed with patience by squeezing the tabs and working the retaining ring over the wires. It is best to press the wires flat against the vent part.
I use a small flat screw drive to put pressure on the ring and force it off.
I also have a pair of bent needle nose pliers that work as well.

Once the retaining ring is off you will be left with the plastic vent portion that is supposed to push out of the console to the front. It will be in there very tight. You could try a little heat on the console, but the only way I have found to remove them is to just push very hard from side to side until the vent piece slides out of the console. It will go easily for about a quarter of an inch and then stop. The wires start to hit the console and prevent the vent from pulling out much more. You could use an Exacto knife to give a little radius from the back side of the console to allow the wires to clear. Next time I might even consider a press. The reality is it is just a matter of force to get the vent piece to slide out.

The good news is Jaeger Engineering makes a stick on cap that either matches the OEM black or can be ordered in a number of finishes.

Good luck and I hope this helps.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia's Parts


Just to add to Dan's already perfect answer:
The vinyl version of the dash seems to have a different expansion to heat, which causes the little grill to break. The leather version seems to be holding better (maybe not getting so hot of different expansion).

I bought one of those grill overlay discs from Jaeger, used a Dremel to grind the broken one off, and stuck the replacement on it with the supplied 3m adhesive tape. Looked great and still did when I sold the car. I can recommend this fix !!!

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