My temperature gauge needle intermittently itself to the top (Hot / full scale) part of the gauge. Gently wiggling the connector on the lower left part of the circuit board restores it to normal operation, albeit temporarily. Before I remove the pod, am I looking for a short or an open?
(I'm thinking an open, i.e. a small crack in the run on the flexible circuit board; which will need to be bridged...)

Charles 80S

I have the same problem with my 86 although after it has run a while it goes

Be sure to remove and clean the brass nuts holding the gauge to the circuit board. This is a common source of problems. The other place to inspect carefully is the wires coming into the connector.

Dan the Pod Guy
Portia Parts Restoration
I have helped a friend who had repeatedly lights out at the dash. All was ok, the dash was the cause for the failure. After trying to find the root cause for several times (and it is a lot of work to take it apart) I decided to bypass the dash foil by connecting via a plug connection to the incoming cables and link it to the bulb-sockets directly. Thus bypassing both the foil and the cable-to-foil edge connector.
Worked fine ever since.