Dash removal

Posted by don (quatdg@inreach.com) on 11/29/2005, 6:53 am, in reply to "Re: dash removal"
additions by Theo Jenniskens

Just replaced my dash topper dash with a leather one about 1 month ago. The switch is not too time consuming however the steering wheel, pod, and center console must be removed.

The dash itself is held in place with four bolts. When all is out it is a good time for general cleaning of grounds and electrical contacts.

Steering Wheel comes off with 27mm socket and 6" extension. Remove parcel trays on both sides (9mm and 10mm nuts)

Pod has 2 screws on sides, 2 10mm bolts underneath trim of steering wheel which is held on by a small screw. Removing the pod involves taking out two hex-key bolts (long) on left and right bottom, remove plugs, steering column switch and wiring, and the big connectors on the fragile back panel.

You will need to loosen the steering wheel fixture and height adjustment by removing the 3 hex key bolts (6mm I think) and the shimms (remember sequence and location).

For center console remove side panels, radio, clock, temp controls (small screws, do not loose), shift handle (auto, 2 screws), switches (3 on passenger side and 1 on driver and connection for interior temp on console. Now console itself- 2 screws on passenger side by glove box underneath, 1 from inside glove box behind plug, 2 behind center vent, and 1 on driver side underneath. Put shifter in lower gear (auto) and work console up and over.

Removal for me took about 1 hour, although I have done it before. Putting everything together again about 4 hours.
Hope this helps.

This is also a good info for removing the dash: 928_dash_removal.pdf