Hello Theo,

First I would like to thank you for a fantastic web site, your site has saved me hours of time already but I have a problem,

I have just purchased a 94 928GTS that had been stored in a garage for 4 years, when I connect the battery the digital dash
Starts to flash as above, this is with no keys in the ignition, the car starts fine but the digital dash keeps flashing with no readout
Also no tacho or temp gauge working, the oil pressure gauge shows low pressure but I have checked it with a gauge and its fine 98psi,
So I changed the oil pressure sender still low on the gauge in the car do you think all these are related to one fault??

If you have any ideas I would appreciate it greatly

Many thanks again for a great web site


Hi Theo,

Just to let you know the dash is now sorted, found a local electronics engineer nearby,
He found a burnt out diode, top man!!!

One question the flex plate issues on 928ís do they include GTS models as I cannot find any GTS owners on blogs with this fault, did they fix the fault on GTS models??

Thanks again



Yes Tim,

the flexplate issue exists on all models with an automatic transmission, but almost all problems I see are with S4, GT and GTS.

Regards, Theo