Noisy fan

Hello Patrick,
this seems to be not an unusual problem for the 928. I guess the squeaking comes from the little ventilator behind the small little black hole right side from the center console. It's purpose is to bring air from the cabin to the inner temperature sensor. When they get older their bearings wear out and they begin to squeeze. Until now I only heard this noise (thanks god) from the inside of my old Computer. It was the CPU-fan which has similar dimensions to the 928 sensor fan. On Greg Nichols site a similar problem is described:
Maybe you can spray some cleaner or lubricant in the hole and it helps. Much more easy than removing the dasboard to gain access to the sensor. By the way, don't try to remove the black plastic cap, it will break.

regards Ralph
91 S4 Euro Auto

At 02:26 PM 4/9/01, Theo Jenniskens wrote:
My '88 928s4 has a small fan/vent on the dash. The plastic has deteriorated from heat and UV, and is gradually braking apart. I've noticed the same on many other 928's. It is the small fan that blows air over the temp sensor in temp.control assembly.

>Is there a spare part to repair? Any other ways of fixing this so it lasts another 15 years? Tips?

The only replacement part is the entire sensor unit. The new unit appears to have a stronger grille, and should last longer without chipping.  P/N 928.624.041.00, a little over $50.

Wally Plumley