Language Settings

With regards to the German language in the Instrument Cluster I was told that tool 9293 for Instrument Cluster diagnostic is just a bridge from terminal 5 to terminal 13 in the diagnostic socket located at position 11eR. The socket is a 19 pin unit, code: T46 and the field in the 1990 S4 wiring diagram is J30.

I have checked the 1989 electrical drawing and they appear to be the same, however please check your electrical drawings.

I checked the diagnostic socket in my car and viewed with 12 o’clock facing forward the socket consists of five pins running from 12 to 6 o’clock with 4 pins either side of the centre axis and the 3 pins running on both outboard sides adjacent to 9 and 3 o’clock, so 5 pins along the centre, 4 and then 3 pins left and right of the centre axis.

Pin 5 is the last one in the centre row next to 6 o’clock and pin 13 is the last in the 3 pin row adjacent to 9 o’clock (left of centre facing forward) at the 6 o’clock end, I determined this by matching the wiring colour codes.

Pin 5 wire is green and violet (GE/VI) and connect to the diagnostic ON/OFF on instrument cluster plug No 2 and Pin 13 is red (RE).

On the 1990 S4 only 10 pins are in use, the other 9 are not connected.

I located the language setting procedure using the 9293 bridge. It is shown in Service Information of the 1990 S4/GT in Jim’s Technical Publication CD No 1 in chapter 9-8.

Basically it is:

I. Turn on ignition;

II. Bridge out 5 & 13

III. Pull operating lever for 3 seconds

IV. Language appears in display

V. Next language is called sequentially by pulling the operating lever again


Left display: Selected language written out

Center display: Selected language as code

Right display: menu of selectable languages

Left display Centre display Right display

Deutsche D D-F-US-I

English US D-F-US-I

Francais F D-F-US-I

In Italiano I D-F-US-I

Turn off the ignition or pull out jumper (9293) will store the language last selected.

Note: The selected language will be changed back to the original language specified for the instrument cluster after disconnection of the battery or interruption of power supply to the instrument cluster.

The desired language must be called again.

I hope that this helps.

TAILS 1990 928 S4 Auto