Has anyone else who has removed a center console encountered this screw? Hopefully the pics tell the story.

Wow, Jim. This really takes me back... to 2003.

See the thread "Need help with center console removal on '90 S4". This was the first time I got my center console out, and that screw was one of the problems I ran into. As you can see in post #21 in that thread, I finally got the screw out.

Now what's really weird is that you managed to get your console out without removing that screw. Very strange.
Ed Scherer

Jim, FWIW, I also remember that getting that screw put back in wasn't as bad as I thought it was going to be. There's very little space to work with on the other side of what's shown in your photo (after removing the glove box, which I believe was a prerequisite). The damn passenger-side air bag doesn't leave much room. But, with the Gear Wrench and some creative use of leverage to hold the Gear Wrench against the screw head (until you've tried this, it's hard to know why it's such a problem ), you can usually get it within 5 or 10 minutes.

I think that that screw, though, does help secure the top of the console so that it leaves a nice, straight seam. Probably not critical, but just another detail that might be worth tending to.

Could be that you're past the point of no return, anyway, in which case I don't think I'd lose too much sleep over it. In fact, I won't.


I'm ripping into my climate control system (on a '90 S4) to replace some vacuum actuators (I've got leaks on the blue and orange vacuum lines). Really major leak on orange that's probably responsible for the horrible tapping near the center vent I get about half the time now. Anyway, I'm pretty sure I need to get the center console off to get to the actuator that the orange line runs to.

I've got the console almost all freed up, except it's hanging on the upper right-hand side (the side near the inside temperature sensor) and close to the passenger air bag. Acts like there's a screw there, but I'm not sure. Haven't been able to free it up and I don't want to force it until I know what's really going on. Nichols and other tips have gotten me this far, but I'm wondering if the air-bag-equipped model years are a little different than the ones the tips were written for.

Also, do I need to remove part number 20 in the diagram below? I've loosened it by removing two bolts on the right and one right under the steering wheel (number 23 in diagram), but it's attached at the upper left hand corner by some hardware (numbers 19, 21, 22) that's damn hard to get to (would need to get the RDK control unit out of the way, at a minimum), and probably also grow some triple jointed limbs, so I'd rather not remove it unless I need to.

I had just about forgotten about how much I hated working under the dash. Just not a job for us 200 pounders. Nothing quite like having that e-brake handle just about adding another orifice to your body or outright disemboweling you as you try to maneuver your way toward a working position on your back.

Anyway, any BTDT stories and tips would be greatly appreciated.
Ed Scherer







OK, The little 8mm closed-end Gear Wrench (and about 500 ratchet motions) finally did the trick, along with a wooden shim and some duct tape (no kidding) to apply horizontal leverage and keep the wrench ratcheting once the screw got loose. Turned out to be a rather short screw, maybe 15mm long.

Hallelujah! Now I'm pretty sure the rest of the center console removal will be easy.

Bet that little bastard of a screw will never go back in. Hope things hold together without it.

BTW, the front of the air bag cover does pry off, but I just took a peek and decided it wasn't going to help. Route to the screw was blocked by some sheet metal.
Ed Scherer