Pat L wrote to the list:

My battery has run down and I have had to boost it when it starts back up an error code is displayed on the dash:
Type no 08 19.05

Anyone have any idea what this means, is there a site that might shed some light on this and any other codes?



That's the firmware revision code for the speedo/warning module in the dash, the one that drives the display unit. That code seems to come up whenever the dash module is first "powered up." As you pointed out, it happens after the voltage drops below a critical level like when the battery drops low, or is perhaps disconnected for maintenance or something. I noticed it as my old battery was near the end of its life, especially when the battery voltage was drawn exceptionally low during starting. Slow cranking went along with the symptom. Solution: new battery.

On a related subject, my car sat for about 14 weeks without being driven. I kind a thought about the battery draining during that unplanned storage, but not much I could do from my remote location. Sure enough, no start, not even a glimmer after that time. So, looks like I'll be making a more permanent plug and wiring arrangement for keeping the maintainer on the car whenever I'm gone at all. Hurts a bit seeing a relatively new battery get damaged by this callous abuse. Not as sever a problem as battered fish sold commonly in restaurants, but right up there. ;-) So the charger went on to get a few volts in the system, then switched to the maintainer so I could leave it for another week or ten. I'll be home this weekend so we'll see if it will start with a couple weeks of maintainer time. If not.... That's what battery warranties are for I guess.

dr bob


At 09:12 AM 2/29/2004, John Bernhard Thuersam wrote:
>I wonder if anyone can diagnose a recurring problem I am having. My S4  has decided to simply shut down after running very well for about 3 or 4 minutes. Then it refuses to start. It will restart after sitting for  a few hours though, then dies once again.
>I have been getting a code on the computer display of "Type No. 04" on the left, and "1988 over 1805" in the center display. This code seems to baffle the Porsche techs and I suspect it is trying to warn me of a  problem. It just cranked up fine this morning after sitting all night and ran great for a bout two minutes...then just "up and died". Wont restart. All under-manifold vacuum hoses were replaced 6 months ago as were the anti-knock sensors, it has run superbly since then.
>Any ideas?


While it may or may not be causing your immediate problem, you have an electrical system problem. The codes that are showing up are simply the "BIOS" codes, if you will, for the digital dash. The codes show up when the system resets due to low voltage.

The low voltage may be due to:
- Failing battery. It is common for a car to do this for some time before the battery finally fails.
- Bad connection in one of the major battery connections. This includes the connectors on the battery, at the jump start terminal, on the starter, and all of the ground connections, including the cable from the engine to the chassis (bottom right side).
- Bad connection in the pod, including the connector tot he printed circuit.

It is possible that the voltage could kill the engine at idle. If a bad battery or electrical connection caused a sudden voltage drop, one of the critical relays could drop off-line, killing the injection or the ignition.

On way to fix this would be to do the routine electrical maintenance. It would be pretty expensive to have a shop do this, but it isn't difficult for a novice to do. Do Electric PM. Look for the item "Annual electrical preventive maintenance"