There is a procedure for pod removal on my web page. I plan on adding some pictures and more detail later.


Be sure to disconnect the battery when doing this. There are lot of things that can short out. Once the pod is removed the instrument panel can be put in place and worked on. I use a thin foam pad between the steering column and instrument panel when I am working in this area.

It is easier to work on if you remove the steering wheel - worth the extra effort for the time saved. You may want to check the lenses that filter the dash lighting or even add higher wattage bulbs. You can even change the color of the dash lighting by adding a different color filter.

Dan the Pod Guy



A very basic step by step, for a 1988 928s4 automatic:

1. release the steering wheel height lock lever

2. remove both Philips head screws below the steering wheel housing and take the plastic cover off

3. remove one philips head screw in the middle plus the two 10mm hex bolts, and take the smaller cover off.

4. take the horn pad off (pull upwards gently) and take the wire off

5. put the steering wheel in the 100% horizontal position and take the steering wheel off (big 24 mm nut I think)

6. loosen the Philips head screw that holds the switch assembly to the steering shaft

7. remove one long bolt left and one smaller right that hold the console to the frame. Its two m6 hex key bolts. They are a bit hidden.
One just above the ignition switch, the other on the far left.

8. move the dash pod a bit forward, and take the plugs of the switch assembly off. One is the tempostat, which plugs into a wiring harness
15 cm further on.

9. Move the switch assembly off the steering shaft

10. Now move the pod even more forward. Find the bolt that holds the instruments to the pod cover. Its hidden above the ignition switch, close to the hole where the first bolt came from. Remember the position of the "L" shaped aluminum block that is held by the screw.
You need to put it back in the same position later. The screw is again a M6 hex key bolt. Take it out too.

11. Now you can turn the cover towards you, leaving the instruments in place. If you want you can keep the wires on (keep it hanging gently), or remove all switches and plugs so that you can take the pod completely off. It makes sense labeling them if you do take them off.

12. there are 3 connectors and one cable-plug that need to be taken
loose: one left bottom, one right bottom, one almost center top. They have kind a hooks that help you release the plug. Moving the hooks out releases the plug. Take the cable connector (gear indicator lights) off which is on a separate cable connector.

13. gently take the instruments unit out. Take great care for the fragile backplane of the unit.

Putting it back together is basically reverse procedure. There are 4 block like sleeves (where the two long bolts go through) that are mounted in rubber and fit on the sides of the instrument unit. Make sure these are in place when mounting the cover.

Hope this helps a bit. Let me know if you have any questions.
1988 928s4 cherry red
The Netherlands