Tech Talk's (dutch):

01- 928 Tech Talk RDK

02- 928 Tech Talk IMR

03- 928 Tech Talk Koel Systeem

04- 928 Tech Talk Koel Ventilatoren

05- 928 Tech Talk Olie Verversen

06- 928 Tech Talk Remvloeistof verversen

07- 928 Tech Talk Verdelers & Rotors vervangen

08- 928 Tech Talk PSD vloeistof vervangen

09- 928 Tech Talk Remblokken vervangen

10- 928 Tech Talk Sunroof afdichting vervangen

11- 928 Tech Talk Distributieriem en waterpomp vervangen deel I

12- 928 Tech Talk Distributieriem en waterpomp vervangen deel II

13- 928 Tech Talk Reparatie achterspoiler

14- 928 Tech Talk Rammelende ruit reparatie


Porsche designer Anatole Lapine

Shut your mouth...

What's faster than a 928?

Nevada speed trap?

What makes the 928 so special?

Len Frank's "An unscheduled Trip"

Screen savers, Posters, and Artwork of the 928

Fuel Economy and headlights always on ????!

Who drives a 928?

My 993 and all the 928's I own(ed)

928 review's and story's

Clarkson "Sitting in a Porsche"




Chassis stiffness and strut brace

Jacking up the car

Lifting the Car, where to place the jacks

Body dimensions and measurements



Anti Seize stuff and discussion

Torque Table for Bolts

Broken Bolt extraction

Stripped hex key bolt removal Tips

Special bolts and nuts in a 928

Bolts list with some deviations from PET

Thread repair Timesert and Heli Coil



Bearings and equivalents

SKF bearings

Flappy bearings

TT bearings info

-> wheels page for wheel bearings


Garage - workshop:

MaxJax 2-post garage lift



Cannel Porsche manuals

928 at manuals ligeti

car diagnostics workshop manual

All manuals for Porsche 928


What is...:

What is the relay under the LH computer in a GT

What is left and what is right when talking about a car?


Where is...:

Under the wheel arch

928S4 Was Ist Unter Der Haube 4 PFF





928 compared to...

Overview of competitors at Thunderhill

928S compared to a Ferrari 308GT

Yet another one compare to Ferrari 308 GTS

928 to mid-engined cars like 914


Did you know this....  about the 928 series

Some Porsche 928 design background

Porsche Museum in Germany

Porsche option codes

Porsche 928 Option Codes

Paint and interior codes

VIN decoder (external link)

Porsche model number list

What is a Bowden and a Morse cable?

Porsche 928 and Microsoft (fun)

Aluminum welding and repair options

Penetrating lubricants

Sealants and sealing products

Suit cases Porsche 928 style

And what is on page 911.....??

And what is on page 928.... ??

And what is on page 944.... ??

Annual inspection / APK (Dutch)

Seven Cool Facts About the Porsche 928

Clarkson (Topgear) about 928

Development of the 928 engine




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