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The 928 is the greatest road car ever produced by Porsche. Why? Its top speed is 170+ mph. It still looks fresh after 20 years. Those not in salvage yards are still strong after 100k or 200k miles. There are a few with over 300k miles still in daily use. Come the weekend slap on some wide tires and the 928 will run with any similar model-year Porsche on the track or at the AutoX. Not to mention the fact that you can run a track session in the morning, drive the ten or twelve hours home, and still not be too tired to go out on the town.

-- David Chamberland 


I just read the very entertaining book by J. Clarkson's, Hot 100 Cars that Make You go PHWOAR! and his note on 928's is as followings:

Porsche 928
"A Word of warning: when the Porsche's on-board computer says you have enough fuel left to do 17 miles be very careful because you, in fact, have no fuel left at all. And then you'll come close to being late for your father's funeral. Yes, it did run out and yes, a passer-by did call me a w****r as I trudged off in the rain for some more.

But the 928--any 928, but the later ones are best - is a great car nevertheless. I know the ride was too firm for some tastes and that to purists, a front-engined, water-cooled Porsche is a wrong as a neon Bible.
But I liked the relentless grunt from its V8 motor and I respected its ability to be a supercar and hatchback all at the same time. Yes it did go 180 mph but moments later, it could be in a car park somewhere, no over heating and being as good as gold. You can buy 928s these days for less than the price of a used Mondeo and I suggest you do."

J. Clarkson (host of the Top Gear TV show)