There was a "Did you know" thread about 928s that I copied and edited (spell-checked) a few years ago. Not specific to 87.

Did you know that the throttle pedal can be adjusted to three different positions? That's my guess, as I had taken the '82 apart and there are 3 sets of locating threaded holes in the floor. The GTS has them too, and the foot rest (LHD) has similar adjustment holes in its mounting bracket.

Did you know that the tensioner is lined in teflon?

Did you know that in '85 the tailpipe came in early one-pipe and late twin-pipe; and in '86 came in early twin-pipe and later S4 style, and that the '85 and early '86 body does not have the S4 mounts for the passenger side S4 pipe, even though the body has the path molded all the way back?

Did you know that the test port on the front of an '85-'86 engine was never used except to disable/test things like idle stabiliser? Did you know that the S4 test port is under the LH and was never used?

Did you know that the most versatile of the 928s with regards to wheel offsets was '85 '86, because of the mammoth 3/4-in spacer that can slip off or on, and massive studs?

Did you know that H4 headlights came in 8 and 7-inch versions?

Did you know that there are 4 rain gutters on the sunroof, two afore and two aft?

Did you know that the electric seats can be manually adjusted by inserting the special tool or allen wrench in the front?

Did you know that the sunroof can be manually adjusted with the special tool or a screwdriver?

Did you know that the little black wire attached to the antenna wire takes 12V positive and boosts the reception?

Did you know that under every factory leather dash is an undesirable colour (burgundy usually) plastic dash?

Did you know that there is a Porsche 928 child seat?

Did you know that 928's have "928" stamped into the window trim under the spoiler? The "928" in the rear hatch glass trim was used from '77 until '88 I believe. This is also located under all of the S cars' rubber spoiler!

Did you know that all 928's have the euro rear fog light wiring and switch connectors?

Did you know that adding daylight driving lights in the front fog light assembly is pretty easy in a model 1990 onwards?

Did you know that one of the wheel studs is usually painted red and that the valve stem is to be located exactly opposite to this?

Did you know that the factory wheel locks are located on this painted lug-- 180 degrees opposite the valve stem-- for balance.

Did you know that the fuel cooler on later cars cools fuel coming off the engine going into the fuel tank, and not fuel entering the engine?

Did you know that the shifter ball cup bushing is the same part as the clutch release arm ball cup bushing?

Did you know that 928 seats can be mounted forward or back by about 2 inches?

Did you know that the adjustable gas pedal has an adjustable linkage that connects it to the metal arm that moves the throttle cable?

Did you know that the starter bolted directly to the lower bell housing on the early cars (78-82), then to a braket on the following years?

Did you know that the early doors have provisions for a manual window option? Four bolt holes, one crank hole, and a covered hole in the door panel. There is no part number for the option, however.

Did you know that the 928's tool set was switched from yellow screwdriver handle and blank pliers to red screwdriver handle and red coated plier handles in '91?

Did you know that the '91 models has better engine compartment lighting, more sound insulation with denser foam, a right rear fender liner, a new manual shift knob, a different parking brake lever, more power assist (different rack and pump), and a check engine light?

Did you know that '89 was the last year with VIN numbers stamped into-- I believe-- all body panels?

Did you know that in the early years there were two different floor pans - one for manual cars and one for automatics. The rear seats on the manual cars are a bit larger, because it doesn't have that big hump for the torque converter.

Did you know that non-sunroof cars have pop-down lighted glass makeup mirrors?

Did you know that Porsche changed the non-airbag dashes around 1990 to use the same windshield vent covers that the airbag cars had? If you order a new dash, that's what you get.

Did you know that the metal bracket that secures the transmission cable to the top of the bell housing is strong enough to lift the front wheels off the ground?

Did you know that the smog pump can be bypassed with a lawn mower belt?

Did you know that in '87, Porsche used only one engine for ALL 928's around the world from this point on to the end of production in '95?

Did you know that the special edition '89 GT was produced for only 4 months-- from March to June?

Did you know that track width changes were made only three times in 928 production?

1977-1986 Front-60.80" Rear-59.60"
1987-1991 Front-61.06" Rear-60.90"
1992-1995 Front-61.06" Rear-63.62"

Did you know that if you replace the fancy relay for the rear wiper (behind the tool panel) with a plain horn relay, you get one wipe with one push, or wiping as long as the button down is pushed?

Did you know that although S4s all have the holes for 3 point rear belts, the cars not fitted with 3 point belts from the factory don't have key strengthening in the C pillar, so you shouldn't retrofit 3 point belts?

Did you know that the 928 was designed and intended from the beginning, to be 3 inches wider? The reason it was made 3 inches narrower was because rail transport cars could not accommodate its width. The 3 inches was taken out of the very center of the car from front to rear, inside and out.

Did you know the PET indicates two plates behind the cam gears for triggering the Hall sensor, as if there is one for each side, but the car comes with only one plate, on the passenger (right) side where the Hall sensor is located. Hence, the driver side cam gear sits slightly further back compared the the passenger side....OK, maybe that's not the most interesting trivia.

Did you know that on early cars, the rear suspension is directly bolted to the body and the concentric bolt going through the body-welded bracket for the front link of the large arm? On later cars, the arm bolts to a magnesium carrier that then bolts to the car. Much easier to remove and service.

Did you know that, depending on year, there are actually 4 different shades of guards red?

Did you know that there are two 911 parts in a 928, but twelve 928 parts in a 911?

Did you know that the seatbelt female receptacle on 928s was moved from the center tunnel (bolted) to the seat around the '83 year?

Did you know that all of the major sunroof parts are made of steel? The entire mechanism weighs 32 lbs. That's not including the heavy, welded in, sunroof pan/roof reinforcement!

Did you know that the VIN number was stamped into body parts to prevent the theft of cars and selling of body parts?

Did you know the brain for the ABS in the '89 and many other years is up above your left knee on the driver's side?

Did you know that the 928 was THE first car to incorporate the front and rear bumper systems behind an exterior facade, and using "shock pistons" for impact absorption?

Did you know that the light switch has to be in the parking light or headlight position in order for the under-hood engine bay light to illuminate? I think it was designed as a roadside safety feature. And did you know that the 1994 and 1995 models the lights come on when the hood is opened?

Did you know that when the ignition is switched off, pushing the blinker lever up or down (i.e. selecting right or left turn indicators) will give a steady glow in the corresponding blinker bulbs?

Did you know the 928 (VDO) odometer gear comes in either 30, 32 or 34 teeth - until we opened my odometer and it had a 29-tooth gear ....

Did you know that on pre '89 cars, the switch on the passenger side near the cross brace in the engine bay is NOT to control the light in the engine bay, but rather to cut-off the electric fan for the AC? The light is activated by a mercury switch (or similar-type switch) - assuming you have the main light switch on.

Want your windows to have the neat one-touch down feature that contemporary cars have? Buy the window relay from most late-model Volkswagens. Plugs right in and does exactly as advertised. The variable wiper relay from your local VW dealer works as well.

Did you know that the 928's Bosch power window motor was also used in the Saab 900 from '78 - '93?

Did you know that Porsche did not clear coat its base color cars (Guards red, white, dunkel blau) until the early '90's?

Did you know that Testors brand "model master" Guards Red paint is a VERY close match to the Porsche Indian Red/Guards red? I have used it alot on my '86.5 with the original Indian Red paint for rock chips and such.

Did you know that the intensive washer system has its own pump, tank, and lines? The headlight washer lines are HALF INCH or a bit less in size. They are HEAVY, and unless you like spraying the ENTIRE CAR, are useless. Another pump, those lines, and the sprayers themselves can all be removed.

Did you know that even 928s as far back as 1978 have side-impact door beams in their doors?

Did you know that speeds exceeding 60 mph with the sunroof open is not recommended by Porsche?

Did you know that the little triangular mouldings adjacent the tops of the door pillars, on the outside of the window frames, are there to stop the windows blowing out when they are wound up at high speed?

Did you know that in late models, the bolts holding the AC compressor are weaker than older models? Why? If you happen to bounce hard enough, and hit the ground with your A/C compressor (one of the lowest parts in the car) the engine block could crack. Later models were designed to make the bolt break instead of damaging your engine block. BTW: if the engine block is cracked next to the A/C condenser it IS possible to weld it. That part of the engine is aluminum, unlike the rest of the block that is a weird alloy.

Did you know that, starting in '85, the reverse gear in the five-speed is synchronized?

Did you know that if you put the manual gearstick forward from first gear it will go straight into second gear? It is impossible to shift from first to reverse. Reverse lock came in '82. Many times the spring in the transmission cover is dead, meaning the lock works sporadically, depending on one's luck. Sure sign of it not working full time is about an inch-long piece of flat spring steel in the drain plug magnet. I believe it also works only in 1st to 2nd gear changes, not in downshifting from any other gear.

Did you know that the overall height of the 928 was 51.70 inches from '78 to '86 and then 50.47" from '86.5 to '95??? That's 1.23" LOWER!!! It's because of the upgraded suspension. However! Ground clearance in '78 was 4.72" and in '95 4.53"... go figure!!! Porsche must have tucked in the low-hanging parts around the rear X member and the front carrier section.

Did you know that low-friction silicon crystals impregnated in the cylinder walls, resisting engine wear?

Did you know that each power train that went into the 928's were rigorously bench tested for 30 minutes before installation? On the assembly line, the 928 stopped at each station for 30 minutes to ensure proper assembly.

Did you know the 928 spare wheel is manufactured in Norway?

Did you know that S4's and later start from rest in 2nd gear. If at a stoplight, shift your auto from D to 2, then back to D. Now it will start in 1st gear.