OK, so after owning seven 928s during the past 15 years, last year I was just getting plain bored of looking at the same tired old car design. I also wanted to get a convertible and there just ain't that many 928 convertibles around. Hell, I even considered (gasp) buying one of those new Corvettes to get some more HP and to drive something besides a 928.

Then, I happened upon a nice 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet and I snapped it up. I was even planning on getting rid of my GTS now that I'd finally purchased a "real" Porsche after all these years.

I've been driving the 993 around for about 6 months now and I honestly can't seem to figure out what all the hype is about.
I mean, it's fun to drive with the top down in nice weather.
It handles well and drives well. I like my 993. But that's all I can say about it. I LIKE it. It's OK. It reminds me of my old Super Beetle on steroids. This is supposedly one of the best of the air cooled Porsche 911s(besides the turbo) and the most I can muster is that it's OK.

One thing the 993 has done for me though is rekindle my appreciation of the 928. Hearing that solid clunk of the door when you close it instead of the tinny sound the 993 makes.
In my opinion, the sound of the motors don't compare. The 928 seems like it was manufactured to much higher standards than the 993. It just seems like a better car.

And I have yet to find out where all the 993 people hang out.
I'm lucky to get one message a day off the 993 list.

So, if this doesn't get me kicked off the 993 list, I don't know what will. I'm not planning on selling the car any time soon, but I predict that long after the 993 is gone, there will still be at least one 928 in my garage.

Paul M.
'93 928 GTS Auto
'82 928S Euro 5 spd
'95 993 Carrera 4 Cabriolet 6 spd

Former proud owner of:
'78 928 Euro 5 spd
'83 928 S 5 spd
'83 928 S Euro 5 spd
'84 928 S Auto
'87 928 S4 Auto