Subject: [928] 79 928 performance. 928s as race cars.
To put Mark K's times of 2:10 and 2:03 in perspective look at the following
times all run at Thunderhill.

BMW M Roadster 2:17.28 ($43,743)
BMW Z8 2:13.3 ($135,303)
Camaro SS 2:16.46 ($30,025)
Corvette ZO6 2:8.39 ($47,675)
Ferrari 360 Modena 2:7.65 ($146,930)
Ferrari 550 Maranello 2:9.25 ($224,095)
Honda S2000 2:17.66 ($32,477)
Acura NSX 2:14.15 ($88,850)
Mercedes SLK320 2:20.87 ($47,040)
Mercedes SL500 2:16.05 ($108,662)
Porsche Boxter S 2:17.46 ($54,303)
Porsche 911 Turbo 2:10.73 ($118,365)
These were all driven by IMSA champion Steve Millen.
Granted these are all stock. Mark how fast have the different stock 928s
been driven at Thunderhill?

Someone a few days ago posted a few comments about the 79 and its drawbacks and performance.
I can tell you straight out, that once I pulled mine from the gutter,...It was ready to race. Turned a 2:10 at thunderhill (with the hill) and got 14th place out of 32 cars. ( the red part euro 5 liter would spin a 2:03) in fact, this time is a few seconds faster than even Dons car or the Devek machine. (so far, but I think both of these cars will be in the 2:08 range soon if I know marc and Don. Both need diets!!!)

Mark Kibort
1986-7 Al Holbert's World record setting 928S4, soon to be red and race