For your interest in 928's, Freeman Thomas was at Porsche Weissach 1983-1990. He worked as a designer for Anatole Lapine, Wolfgang Möbius and Richard Soderberg.

Tony Lapine, Wolfang Möbius and Peter Reisinger were the three fathers within design that created the exterior of the 928 under Ernst Fuhrmann and his engineers. The interior was designed by Hans Braun. The psychedelic Pasha cloth was designed by Frau Müller Goodwin (retired head of color and materials) and her assistant, Pflaster. The front and rear bumpers of the face-lift was done by Benjamin Dimson (currently at MB Design in California). The GTS fender flairs and one-off cabriolet was done by Roland Heiler (still at Porsche, running Porsche Design in Zell am See). The 32 valve motor styling was done by Steve Murkett (still at Porsche, running Cayenne development). The new mirror design was done by Roland Sternmann. The first 5 spoke "Cup" style wheel was done by Dick Soderberg (Dick designed 9 Porsche race car bodies including 908/3 and led the design of 959, 964 and 959). Freeman Thomas designed the second gen Cup wheel and the first job he had at Porsche was the rear a/c unit in the back seat. They all contributed towards Ferry Porsche's Birthday 4-seater but was dictated by Helmut Bott. The Club Sport graphics were done by Rob Powell (still at BMW Design). Wolfgang Möbius passed away in mid of 2014. The 928 was a fantastic car and design WAY ahead of it's time.