Hi all, can someone tell me what 928 618 175 00 is/does and how much they are if i need one ;-)


That is referred to as the "ignition relay" not on the panel ... mounts to the LH brain 89 > what it actually does is if the head temp sensors thinks that 4 cylinders are not firing it shuts of the fuel injection to those 4 cylinders . This was to keep people from driving on 4 cylinders filling the exhaust with fuel turning it red hot and catching the undercoating on fire then burning up the firewall to the top of the engine, melting the hood .
This relay can shut down either set of 4 cylinders (2 on each bank) and if it fails kills all eight ..... the original part is clear plastic with a red and green diode inside to indicate which set of cylinders has the injection shut down the new version is a black box slightly larger .. Porsche List price $137 has in the past been backordered for months .

Jim Bailey