Hey Wael,

>- The Ferrari is a 308-1982 GTBi (belongs to my brother)

I'd be very interested in your and your brothers comments on and comparisons of the two cars. Speed, comfort, handling, reliability, utility, tractability etc. Bet the other guys would be too.

Will Hunt


Hi Will,

Briefly, the Porsche is faster (acceleration, overtake and speed) and more comfortable car than the Ferrari. Yet the handling and the feeling behind the Ferrari, to my opinion, is much better (or is it the legend behind the Ferrari name that makes me feels that way?!) The Porsche, on the other hand, is indeed a cruiser. The thrust that the 928 has at high speeds is addictive, you always want more.

Driving the Ferrari is like Karting. Corners and bends feel like a dream mixed with the beautiful sharp (backfiring) noise of the engine and the pipes behind you. Of course the Porsche is less hostile and less embarrassing on the road. I tend to use it on Saturdays for meetings and 'light' work. On the other hand, I sometimes get embarrassed in the Ferrari! The Ferrari is like a spoilt brat. Reliability: Don't ask! Italian cars syndrome made known. That is why we really can't take the 308 to its extremes while the 928 is more like a rocket experiment to me: lemme check that bend, or that straight, or overtake that car, etc.. The steering in the 308 is amazing. No assistance, no pump, just pure straight direct and FIRM link, helped by the lower centre of gravity of the car. To compare with the 308, I wished my 928 had 5 gears instead of Auto and the firmness of the 308's suspension.

If you ask me really, there are times I'd rather be in the 308 and others in the 928, depends on my mood and condition. But the more impressive picture is when both are cruising along the streets of Lagos.
The sight and sounds of the people and cars around us makes it more as if 'The Predators' are back in town!

Moreover, people who ride along in both cars are impressed of 'having been' in a Ferrari. They're impressed they lived thru the 928 experience (another definition of TORQUE!! Bwaaaaaa!!!)

928S Aut. 1984