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* I'm about to replace my water pump. Do I install the gasket dry? Or use a gasket sealant? Which one? One side or both sides?

For this i use the blue Permatex RTV sealant ( the newer version is a clear to blue color) on the both sides of the WP gasket,
and use a new set of bolts , ACE hardware has them,

Instead of using antiseize on the threads of the WP bolts I use loctite PTFE non setting pipe sealant, this will keep the coolant from leaking into the threaded holes and rusting the new bolts, they can easily be removed years after they were installed.

* I'm about to install the additional gaskets under the water bridge (to heads) (see '88 Coolant Leak Finally Fixed!); do I install them dry, or use a gasket sealant? One side or both sides?

I would suggest to use the Permatex blue RTV sealant same as for the WP gasket.

* I'm about to reinstall my cam covers. Do I use a gasket sealant? Or a gasket maker? Or leave it dry?

For cam covers and depending on whats been taken apart , (for the cam caps ) the parts that capture the cam shaft ends and where the round sealing discs go use loctite 574, just put a thin coating on the mating surface of the cap to head joint, this prevents oil seepage when the parts get hot.
Scrape the surface first with a razor blade held perpendicular to the surface.

For the the cam covers unless you have a perfect cover ( the gasket groove is usually rough) put a bead of Hondabond 4 into the gasket groove just before you set the gasket onto the cover, (dont forget the spark plug gaskets, they go on dry)

Also when fitting the covers there is a small dab of HB4 applied to the junctions of each cam cap to head surface, ( 4 dabs per cover) ,

when you take the old gasket out you should see a dab of white sealant scrape this off first.

* I'm about to install the four bolts that hold down the water bridge. What's the best anti-seize to use?

Again i would suggest to use the loctite PTFE non setting pipe sealant this will prevent liquids from rusting the bolts into the block.

* I'm about to bolt my cam chain tensioners back in. Do I need to put anything on the bolts? What about the oil feed tubes to the cam chain tensioner?

These bolts just need to be clean and , use new sealing washers don't over tighten them.

These are my suggestions,
so far these sealant choices have worked well, there are many other sealant out there so depending on your part of the world different sealants can be found.

Another note my other favorite is a tube of Dow Corning 111, a non setting silicone sealant.

I apply this to all of the rubber O rings it seems to keep them softer, also the door window edge seal, a smear along it and the seal will come back to life dont get any on the window or the felt wiper.

Also the DC111 can be used to refresh the hatch seal after its been scrubbed and left out to dry in the sun.

Use a bead of HB4 in the hatch seal groove just prior to installation this will prevent water migration under the seal edge.

Nother one,
use STP oil treatment in the tensioner,
use a visen bottle to fill the tensioner after removing both bleed nipples,
the visen bottle will not overpressure the bellows and possibly push the internal clamp ring off the boot.