The car can be supported up front by either a jack or a stand at the following locations. The jacking points, the frame where two panels come together (you'll see the seam that is formed by their union), the rear lower control-arm support (where the height tab is located), the front lowere control-arm support, and the tow hooks in front of the lower control-arm front supports.

In the rear, the jacing point, the plate just behind it, and the cross member below the tranny (make sure you hit that dead center). In all cases, use a piece of wood between the jack or stand and the metal on the car.

Caution, do not try to support the car on what appear to be frame rails.
These are the box-like pieces that run front to back and easily seen just under the driver and passenger seats. They are NOT structural. Just in front of the passenger area, they are formed by two panels, and form a seam. It is safe to support the car from that part of the frame rail.

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