Hello all,
Drove a reasonably priced 1983 308 GTSi quatrovalve yesterday. russo/black. 32k miles with major 30K service done at 26K by Ferrari of Washington. The seller is asking 18.5K. Reasonable guy. The car has a few paint chips and a couple of dings but no visible rust.

I have always thought I wanted a Ferrari at some point, but when I actually go and look at one, the few 308's or Mondials I have driven do not even come close to measuring up to a 928. The build quality is so bad on these cars, it is truly amazing. While they do look cool, and handle nicely, they really seem like kit cars compared to a 928 (or a 911). It might not think of this as a 928 strong point, but 928s have state of the art shift linkages compared to Ferrari as well. Must be why they went to paddle shifters.

Given that they are quite a bit more expensive to maintain than a 928, the whole thing is a puzzle. I can understand why Ferraris are expensive---its sort of the very high maintenance beautiful women analogy. Nice to be seen with, but severely lacking as a partner in the necessary day-to-day duties of normal life. But why is the 928 so universally shunned? Sure 928s breaks and are expensive to fix---still, they are far less costly to maintain than a Ferrari (based upon what I have read at least). The 928 is a heck of a lot more car a than a comparable year Ferrari 8 cylinder. I do not think I could even fit my computer bag in the 308 unless it went where the beautiful women is supposed to be sitting.

In short, while I brought my check book and was perfectly prepared to buy another toy, I just did not want the car. It was not this 308, but really all 308s I have gone to look over. If I had never owned a 928, I bet I would have bought the car. But my 87 s4 is far faster, actually in a lot better shape paint and interior wise (Porsches hold up so much better), is far more comfortable, and can actually be used day-to-day, day-in and day-out. My old 83s also dominated the 308 in all respects, except maybe speed where the 4-valve 308s may have an advantage.
Still, the Ferrari does have it on looks.

Guess that is why they make chocolate and vanilla
Happy fourth.