Have a look at this screensaver of the 928s4....




Howdily Doodily,

If you're like me, you probably have searched the internet for 928 posters of good enough quality to frame and not had much luck. Checking E-bay you can occasionally find a good deal, but most of the time they are few and far between, or are from the early body style. Some of you may have even visited the web site (http://www.parc.de/) in hopes of finding a nice poster. If you search for "Porsche 928" you'll be disappointed with only finding a couple of postcards and a magnet. However, if you confine your search to just plain "928" you'll find somewhere in the neighborhood of 35 Factory Posters. All for the reasonably sum of $16 each plus shipping.

Don't be fooled by the first page that returns all the old vehicles... :)


Hope I made someone's day!


Hi all, well after 3 weeks i still never got a full set of 928 pics so here is a screensaver with the owners cars that i got sent. Hopefully this is version 1 and I'll do another if i get more owners pics. At the moment it is for Win 95/98/ME but i'll do one for NT/2000 when i get time. All suggestions and pics welcome. It's virus free and i've tested it on 3 of my pc's. If your 928 is in it then i probably sent you one direct but you can download it from here.





I was surfing the web and I came across a site.  I checked under the Porsche's and low and behold they actually had a 928 T-Shirt!!!  I already order mine, just passing the info on to the rest of you.
You can get the picture on a T-Shirt (small picture on front and a VERY  large picture on back) or a framed picture of it.

Here's a link:


The homepage also has a phone number to call and order from or an address(Phone # 877-566-5278).