Power Train


Rattling Noise at low idle

Loctite (locking)  the Axle clamp

Torque Tube Bearing

Torque Tube Rebuild procedure

Torque Tube Rebuild procedure

Torque Tube Rebuild procedure in a 944

Torque Tube Rebuild bearing fix

Torque Tube Rebuild made easy

Torque Tube Bearing repair by Erkka

Torque Tube broken

Torque Tube dimensions and measurements

Torque Tube vibration dampers

Torque Tube vibration dampers Constantine

Central tube proc crankshaft bearing clearance A/T

Flexplate clamp new design

Flexplate balanced

Bearing equivalents

Flywheel removal

Remove Torque Tube with transmission in car

Torque Tube bearings repair, by Shark Attack

TT adjust pre 1984

Bell Housing

(for ThrustBearing see engine section)


Rear half axle

CV joints and boots

CV boots replacement

CV boots and half shaft

CV Joints... there's got to be a trick

CV joints... swapping them?

Alignment Specifications

Axle shaft replacement/wheel nuts




PSD unit pictures collection

PSD operation

PSD pump repair

PSD pump valve coil resistance

PSD pump Relay

PSD pump fuse

PSD pump seals

PSD check valve

PSD fluid flushing procedure

PSD fluid service the easy way

PSD bleeding procedure

PSD servicing pressure accumulator

PSD pump replacing

PSD pressure accumulator

PSD power flow

PSD Fluid change 928S4

PSD test and repair

PSD lateral sensor

PSD reservoir and filter

PSD reservoir fluid reservoir level

PSD error in Instrument Cluster

PSD fluid choice and replacement

PSD "Tock" and shutoff

PSD error triggered by tire diameter difference

PSD actuator valve

PSD slave cylinder

PSD slave piston seal repair

PSD clutch pack stuck or swallen

ABS with PSD controller


Final Drive (differential)

Final Drive fluids

Do I have a Limited Slip Differential LSD??

LSD dimensions and specs

Ring and Pinion whine

Differential carrier bearings

Differential diagnosis

Differential Ring and Pinion alignment pics

Differential Gears and parts

Differential Oil reduced in feb-1991 model

Differential adjust

Speed Sensor magnets in final drive

Differential with PSD pics






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