The automatics have 2 bearings in the TT, and before MY 1987 the shaft was 25mm in diameter. This was changed in that year to 28mm. Actually, the shaft was 25 or 28mm but the bearing was 30mm, so a plastic sleeve was used fit the bearing. The 6006/2z is of for both shafts given the spacer sleeve.


I am going to replace the bearings on the rattling tube I took apart last year, and found some interesting things when sourcing the SKF replacements.

The SKF part number I have for an 87 tube is 6006 2Z C5 HT51

This bearing is a Metric (6006) Double Metal "Z'" Shielded (2Z) Highest Clearance between the balls and race (C5) and Hi temp greased= HT51(-30 to +150 DegC).

Now the standard running clearance is CN to C3. The standard grease and clearance are good for quite a temperature range.

The C5 - which is a special and rarely specified, has excess clearance so when the bearing heats up it will not bind I suppose.

Clearance or play on the front bearing is what creates the tube rattle. The tube I took out was fine except for a lot of play. The tube I replaced it with (60K miles from an 87) had much less play, but still would rattle if the shaft was struck with a rubber mallet. I also let the front bearing soak up some synthetic grease before installation.

The converters operate at high temperature (~700 DegC), so I am wondering is the temperature inside the tube above 110DegC in normal operation?

Also a clearance spec of C3 would certainly reduce the tube rattle.

Paul Jager


Somebody know the bearing number of the two torque converter bearings? I easily found the torque tube bearings at my supplier (SKF #6006 2Z C3 HT51) and I want to order the torque converter bearings by the same time.

Marc Gingras
928 S4 1987 AT


I was told that the 6008 bearings are the right ones for the TC.



...Barry - I purchased my bearings from A&W bearing. Fast service, good phone people. 6006 for the TT, and 6008 for the TC.


But you don't really need the circlip, so they are 17 something each.

I am not sure where marc got his....

I am still currently trying to figure out how to press the carriers out.



>Just an FYI, and I was really surprised by this:
>The bearings that are in the 89 TT that I bought used are NOT the recommended 6006 bearings for a DYI TT rebuild. They are 6007. Oops. I have no idea where this discrepancy in parts came from, as All the info that is out there on this says that the TT bearings are 6006. I will be taking apart my 3spd.
>TT to get at another carrier so that I can do this TT with THREE carriers, and I think I may find that those are indeed 6006.
>Well, Live and learn.
>So I do hope that all of you read this as well if you use that write up about the TT rebuild that I read.
>I suppose I should have taken it apart before ordering these, but nonetheless....

ID 30 mm
OD 55 mm
Width 13 mm

ID 35 mm
OD 62 mm
Width 14 mm

Definitely not interchangeable!



I found some torque tube bearings at

A single call with the INA part number and they matched me up with some replacement bearings for $13.39. I will press out the larger bearings from the later torque tube and order some of them when I get the part number too.
The company has a $50 minimum order.

Dan the Pod Guy - with a rebuilt torque tube. What an easy job that turned out to be.

To big of a job to use cheap bearings with the risk of having to do it all over again.
My original bearings where made by FAG Germany and marked 6006 C5 and had a metal shielding on them and clearly had leaked some grease over the Years.
(C5 is the bearing tolerance and I believe they are a little looser than C1, C3 or nothing marked for tolerance, guess it is to compensate for heat expansion)
The best alternative i could find was made by SNR France and was rubber sealed and packed with a high temp grease 6006.FT150.

I have been selling the best quality SKF TT bearings for less than $30 for a while.
I can buy the lower quality ones for $3 to $4 each at wholesale - is it worth it?
I have helped people out with Flappy Bearings - best quality for less than $15 each.

I will put a list of your part numbers and some prices together.


old name: 6006-2Z/C4HT51
new name: 6006-2Z/C4GJN

HT51 temperatures up to 120C Poly Urea Hi Temp grease 110 cSt@40C, for temp range -30Cto +120C
GJN temperatures up to 150C Di Urea Hi Temp grease 115 cSt@40C, for temp range -40Cto +150C



1992 928GTS