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>Since I'm there I plan to do an alignment. Can somebody tell me what are the camber, toe-in, castor and other specification for this model. It has 16 X 225 X 50 on 7" wide Wheel in the front and 16X245X45 on 8"
>Wheel on the rear.


Ride height: 160mm to 200mm (ground to machined pad on arm mount)
Toe-in: +10' to +20'
Camber: -20' to -40'
Caster: 3 deg to 4 deg

Ride height:163mm to 183mm (ground to machined patch on subframe)
Toe-in (EACH WHEEL): +5' to +15'
Camber: -30' to -50'

The most important thing to remember is that the 928 can NOT be properly aligned if the front is jacked before or during the alignment. If your shop lifts the front end to check the suspension components, they can NOT then align the car before it has been driven for at least ten miles, or pulled down with the special Porsche tool to a specified height and held there for a specified time.

If they align it after lifting it, the toe-in alignment will be WRONG, and the tires will wear on the inner edges.

If they doubt this, make them do the following with you watching:
Measure from the ground to the edge of the front fender opening, and write the measurement down.
Lift the front end to do their checks.
Lower the front end.
Measure the distance from the ground to the same point on the edge of the fender opening.
Try to get the car back to the same measurement as before it was lifted.

Wally Plumley
928 Specialists