When I had a leaking PSD pressure container (not the reservoir, but the metal container that holds the pressurized fluid) in my 1992 GTS I ignored the leak for some time, as it was unclear where it leaked, and I thought why bother if now and then a drop of fluid gets spilled. Well.... that was a bad idea. It DOES cause a big problem. The brake fluid gradually softens the plastic rear cover which takes a different form. And this is not easy to fix. Took a lot of cleaning with thinner and stabilizing with epoxy resin to make it sturdy again.

Ok, I got a good but used container from a  friend. At first I could not even het the pressure container off. It was stuck. But with proper tools and some extra force it let go and I installed the new container,  did the bleeding job, and all worked again without leaks.

Now to make sure this does not happen again, I keep an eye on the fluid level in the reservoir and make a picture each tome I replace the fluid.

Here is my PSD fluid picture log:


Dated May 26, 2020.

Dated August 8, 2021.

Dated June 28, 2023.  (next time I should use a light from the back, which is much clearer)