My PSD pressure Accumulator leaks. It seems to happen sometimes and it is not that uncommon. This is where it leaks:

It leaks only under pressure. As soon as the pressure drops to a lower value it stops leaking. But this creates a mess and I noticed that the brake fluid did bad things to the paint at the lower left rear panel. So ... it needs taking care of.

Taking the PSD out is not so hard. Unplug the connectors, undo two 10mm bolts at the side and find the 10mm nut that hides at the rear. You need to get your hand under the unit, look for the bracket that supports the PSD, and in the middle there is a 10mm with a big washer that needs to be undone.

Getting the Accumulator off was quite a challenge. It was really really tight. I ended up buying a heavy duty two-chain oil filter removal tool with a 1/2 inch drive and a long ratchet.

I was looking on how to fix this. A jaguar pressure accumulator from the ABS system seems to fit. But specs are different.

The Porsche Pressure Accumulator says: Pressure 210 bar, 0.145L . Dimensions are about 8cm diameter and 9cm height. Thread seems to be M14x1.5




This is what I found while looking for a replacement accumulator:

Girling valve block on the Jag uses M16x1.5

or simply: jlm11659

Here we have a new brake accumulator

To Fit: Jaguar XJ6 XJ12 XJ40 XJS 84>

Part Number : Jaguar JLM11659 160 Bar
JLM11659 seems to be the number of the 1988-1989 Brake Accumulator Assembly where JLM1907 is the Accumulator Valve Kit for XJ6 1988 to 94.

More info:
Accumulator sphere
XJ40 to 594575 JLM11659
XJ40 594576 on JLM1907

Saab 4002267
alternative, Delco 25528382
The numbers stamped around the periphery of my spare
25528382 accumulator sphere are :-

210 BAR / 0.25 L [= operating pressure and capacity]
Jaguar Dimensions:
17cm x 15cm x 12.5cm
The original Jag part has M14x1.5 threads where it screws into the pump. The Febi has M18x1.5 thread (regular threads, not tapered pipe threads).
Someone bought FEBI 01817 accumulator, but it doesn't fit my Jaguar XJ6 (XJ40) 3.2S 1994 MY. Febi's thread is 18x1,5 and Jaguar's (and possibly Delco's) is 14x1,5. Also Febi has no small lateral bore on nipple and its inner diameter is slightly smaller, without a cone notch in the low end.
if you look for a Jaguar XJS brake (ABS) system (motor, pump, accumulator, pressure switch) you will se a very similar system. Most likely is was made by the same company. Tevi?


BRAND NEW ABS Accumulators that fit various GM cars.

Band Hydac
Compatible with GM/Delco part #25528382

(It is 4" Diameter x 5" tall with M14x1.5 fluid port)

the HYDAC accumulator is the one you are looking for. It is sold by and is listed on their website for $135.00.

The HYDAC accumulaor is also being used on the Buick Reattas - 1988/1991 which are equipped with the TEVES Mark II ABS unit. Spinningwheels has been selling this HYDAC unit for about five years now with no problems whatsoever and this speaks well of their quality. The unit is made in Germany and is precharged to 1000P SI with a max working pressure of 3000 PSI. It has a volume of 20 cubic inches which is slightly larger than the OE unit on the TEVES Mark II and which was aftermarket sold as the Delco unit 25528382. Delco is seemingly not offering the part now and this has created substantial interest in alternative units.

Just as soon as we discovered he HYDAC unit we purchased one and it was installed on a daily driver. Performs as well as the OE and the Delco unit and possibly a bit better. The owner of the daily driver (not me) is quite pleased with the performance.

I am aware that Spinningwheels-SC is currently out of stock but I am advised that names can be placed on the waiting list and no payment is due until the part is shipped.

Previous threads and posts on this Forum have mentioned the WABCO part STC 2784 as being compatible with the TC TEVES Mark II units. Has anyone actually tested this accumulator on a TC? From the specs that I see it should work well but just wondering if it has actually been used on a TC.
Jaguar JLM1907
210 bar 0,25L

The Jaguar XJS alternative:

It seems to be M14x1.5